Viki: A commotion

I was still rubbing my eyes, trying to clear them of the sand, coughing and spluttering for breath. When my vision came back to me, I noticed Tobias in the sea. What on earth was he doing? Before any of us could question it, he disappeared beneath the surface, a mask of horror etched onto his face.

'Tobias!' someone shouted. 

What seemed like hours passed and he never surfaced.

Suddenly, a movement out of my peripheral vision claimed my attention. Mark, a well built lad well over six foot, was running into the sea. Before anybody could prevent it, he dived underwater in an attempt to rescue his friend.

'Someone call for help!' I shouted, springing into action. 

It's no use, someone whispered.

I whirled around, trying to detect the source of the voice but there was no one there. Perplexed, I put it down to my mind playing tricks  on me. However, seconds later it returned.

He's gone, I know it

'Russell?' I asked, baffled. 

'What?' he reluctantly turned to me.

Something told me that he hadn't said this out loud. His body was turned to the ocean, waiting for Mark and Tobias to return, but his eyes were fixed on me, questioning and confused. 

'Nothing,' I mumbled. 

'He did it!' someone shouted.

Looking back across the vast expense of water, we saw Mark dragging an unconscious Tobias out of the water, panting and gasping for breath. We all ran over to them, helping him pull his friend to safety.

'He's not breathing,' I gasped. 


The End

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