Russell: Theft

"It...its a skull!" I gasped. The other two looked at me oddly then laughed. I turned the object round in the sand so that it faced them. Instantly their laughing ended and a more sombre look overtook their faces. We all had the same thought. How could a human skull be golden? I picked at it in an attempt to peel off the gold paint. My efforts were fruitless. This was no hoax. It was the real deal.

I dug my long fingers into the eye sockets and lifted it up. Then we heard a scream. I dropped the skull and the three of us spun around to see the source of the commotion. Stood just beyond the grass was the transfer student. She had a pretty face and silky brown hair. I wouldn't say I fancied her and I wouldn't dream of asking her out but she was nice to look at. While my female chums glared angrily I smiled and gave her a cheeky wink sending his timid face bright red.

"What do you want Allanah?" Viki asked rather rudely. The girl seemed happy and shocked that they knew her name and plucked up the answer to reply

"Is that a skull?"

"W-What do you mean?" I asked burying the skull once more so that she could not see it. We where a tight-knot trio and this was our little secret.

"I thought I saw you holding a skull. I scared me. That's why I screamed"

She then turned on her heel and paddled in the nearby rock pools but made sure that we were always in sight. I gave up pretending after a few minutes and collecting the skull. I was fascinated by it. I felt stronger with it in my possession. I felt a better person.

"I'm going to take it home?" I announced. Viki and Rhianna stared back curiously but I replied to their stares by putting it in my bag. That was my terrible decision. As we stood up to leave a strong gale swept across the beach knocking over our classmates. The sand blistered our eyes and clogged out throats. It was torture. A torture that suddenly ended thanks to an umbrella. Allanah's umbrella. I hugged the girl and thanked her for her help. She went bright red again before gasping.

"The footprints have gone!" Allanah noted. On the beach all the footprints stayed where they were except the infamous trail leading from the sea. Something very peculiar was happening.

Tobias screamed. Tobias was a boy in our class. He had been given the nickname fishboy for spending so much time swimming. But his hobby was his downfall. We watched as he attempted to stay afloat. His splashed about madly before being sucked into the water. We waited for him to submerge. Waited for what felt like an eternity. But he never emerged.

The End

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