Viki Scotts

I was bored. So incredibly bored. Mrs Higgins had given her speech about allowing our minds to be free, or some crap like that and I was now stood with Russell and Rhianna. We were following footsteps on the beach, something that appealed to them more than it should. I mean, people walked on the beach all the time didn't they? This was no big deal. 

I noticed the new girl Allanah a little way off, quite obviously heading in the direction of our group and pondered over whether to welcome her or not when Rhianna shouted something, calling our attention.

'It ends here. In the grass.'

I heaved a sigh and followed Russell to join Rhianna who was on her hands and knees eagerly rifting through the sand. 

'There's a mound,' Russell noted, more excitement in his voice than I thought possible. What could be so special about a mound?

Nevertheless, I joined them and dug my hands into the warm grains of sand and began clearing the object they were so intrigued to discover. 

Something flashed, a brilliant white light that blinded me for several seconds and as my vision slowly regained focus I eyed the object with more than polite interest, I was fascinated.

The End

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