Allanah - Trying to not be a loner.

After Mrs Higgins had made her 'allowing our minds to be free' speech, a speech I was still getting used to from her, having never had quite a teacher like her, many of the other students separated in groups to explore the beach we were on.

I stood awkwardly for a moment, aware that no one had invited me to explore with their group. It hurt to think that I was so easily forgotten and overlooked in this case.

"Oh Allanah, what are you still doing here?" Mrs Higgins asked. "You should be away by now, allowing your mind to communicate with all this fascinating nature all around us. Just let your feet do the walking."

I nodded, looking around once more, not wanting to have to explore on my own. Yet it seemed I was the last one left, and I didn't want to get stuck with Mrs Higgins guiding me around while constantly suggesting I open my mind and really commune or feel all this nature around me.

In the distance I saw Russell, Vicki and Rhianna heading along the beach. Vicki had been friendly to me a few days ago and while I knew they were a tight knit trio, I also figured they were my best bet, and certainly better than being alone. Besides, maybe I could follow at such a distance that I wasn't bothering them, but to outsiders I would appear to be with them. I knew that all too fast a girl could gather the reputation of a loner, and it was a hard reputation to rid oneself of. 

They appeared to be following a set of footsteps, though it was hard to tell from this distance, when their own footsteps were soon masking the set they were following. What's more, they were heading away from the water, and into the dunes. 

Suddenly they stopped, staring at a spot in the grass that edged the dunes of the beach. I stopped too, not wanting to bother them, and pretended to be examining a rock near my foot. As they set to digging, I sat down, glancing around at the few other people who were close by, like I was.

Suddenly a bright light seemed to fill the area, as the sun shined on and reflected off a golden object the trio had unburied. Little did I know it, with that light my life was about to change forever. 

The End

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