The skull of black magic

A skull which reveals a scary power or two

"Okay class go explore. Let your minds be free. Who knows what you will encounter? A hermit crab? A periwinkle? maybe even a flatfish?"

Mrs. Higgins was quite the free spirit and looked like a stereotypical hippie with mildly curly brown hair, friendship beads and spectacles triple the size of her eyes. I didn't care though. She was out of the picture. All that mattered was the I and my two best friends were going to have the best school trip ever

"So where do you wanna go exploring" Rhianna asked cheerily brushing her hair away from her heavily made up face. I stopped abruptly and Rhianna soon followed. We just stood awestruck. The third member of the trio, Viki looked at up and frowned. I contemplated on frowning back but decided it was best to just investigate.

"Where are you going?" Viki whinged following me closely. I showed her to the source of my curiosity. A perfect trail of large human footprints leading from the murky blue sea to the florated sand dunes. Viki did not seem impressed but Rhianna was fascinated. I too grew bored of them but my ethnic friend decided to see where they led to. The thing that sparked my imagination was that the beach was almost spotless apart from our newly made footprints. At sunrise this whole beach would have been perfect except for one trail of footprints.

"It ends here" Rhianna shouted "In the grass". I joined my curious friend at the end of the trail. They just stopped. But that was impossible. The person couldn't have just dissapeared or sunk into the sand. Or could they?

"There's a mound" I acknowledged eagerly. We three began digging in the sand uncovering more and more of a golden object. We thought we may be rich but when it was completely uncovered we realised we had taken on more than we had bargained for.  

The End

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