Chapter 60: Part 2

Erulastiel held her hands out, one extending to Aliryia and the other to Alkyra. They each took one and my plan fell into their minds. They each held a hand out to another member, Aliryia extending to Maine. Soon the entire group had hands joined and they stood in a large circle.

Eru's head lifted to the skies beyond the roof above their head. She hummed a single note. It seemed to vibrate and fill the room. Each girl in turn hummed a single note just like it but on a different pitch. It seemed as though it was a song that just expressed each person.

Together they began to sing.

It was a song indiscernible to anyone that ever existed, including the ones who sang it. It was incredibly complex and each singer was singing something entirely different. Each of the singers sang in a tongue completely foreign to any of them. They sang with the language of their own living consciousnesses. Each was different and undecipherable. It blended into perfection, the original hummed notes providing the base of the song.

Then their song died into quiet. They looked about at each other, looking at each person a little bit differently and with more understanding. Then Eru turned to Maine and embraced her. All the sisters followed suit until they were one mass of hugging sisters. They were one in spirit. Maine's wound was subdued. She was no longer alone.


The End

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