Chapter 60: Confessions and Song

Eru's mind reeled as the impact of the words sunk into her brain. For a moment she even stopped breathing she was in such shook. However, she wasn't the leader of the Sistren from nothing. She began collecting her thoughts and calming herself. It was a book after all. It could be enchanted and even if it was that was no matter. It was simply a spell.

Then a loud shout scattered her nearly coherent thoughts. "Why me!" Maine was screaming at us. "All of you have secrets! Aliryia, you've been sick for days and you haven't told anyone." Aliryia  stepped forward towards the girl who turned, looked at her a moment and burst into tears. "I'm... I'm sorry. I thought that I wouldn't be allowed to stay..."

Her eyes filled with the images of her past and she then cradled her head in her hands. After a moment she lifted her head slowly and confessed, "It was my fault. I killed him." All the girls stood open-mouthed at this. Even Aliryia stood frozen. Eru could feel the pain Maine was bearing. She stepped forward. She held her arms open to her. Sobbing, she ran into her embrace. She held her for awhile before she brought her down to the floor and put her head against hers. "Maine." Eru said calmly and encouragingly.

Then the words simply flew out of her mouth until the story had completed itself. There were now no tears, only simple pain.  Eru looked at her and realized that this was one wound she could never be free of. However, Eru did know a way to change it from an open wound to a scar.

The End

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