Chapter 59: Give In

Maine whirled from left to right, looking at the girls. The blood pounded in her ears, she felt like the Sistren was closing in on here.

"Why me!" she shouted defensively. "All of you have secrets! Aliryia, you've been sick for days and you haven't told anyone."

Aliryia stepped forward. "Please, Maine." Maine turned to her, and suddenly burst into tears.

"I'm... I'm sorry. I thought that I wouldn't be allowed to stay..."


Joanne walked down the street, shivering. It was cold, and she wanted nothing more than to get home at fast as she could. She missed a step and her feet slipped on the ice.

“Whoa there!”  A man appeared at her elbow, and pulled her up.

“Thank you,” Joanne said, wondering how he gotten there so fast. She tried to pull away, but he held her arm with a vice like grip.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked with a grin. Joanne began to shout for help but she realized that there was no one around to hear her screams. More people dropped down from the roofs nearby. The man called out to them.

“I’ve got a live one!”

“Excellent.” A redheaded woman with a bob came up to her and sank her teeth into her neck.


Joanne woke up feeling tired. But when she put her hand to her forehead she realized that it was sticky with blood.

“Awake?” She turned and saw the redhead along with the other people from the night before.

“Where am I?” The woman just smiled and handed her a cup.

“Drink this. It’ll make you feel better.” It did.


Joanne sat on the roof while the others chatted. She felt Rick nudge her.

“There.” A man was walking down the street alone. Perfect. Joanne started to feel nervous. This was her first time out with the others. Lisa nodded at Rick.

“This one’s mine.” She leaped silently off the roof, barely disturbing a single strand of red hair on her head. When she gave the signal, Joanne leapt off too. As she walked closer, she could her them talking.

“-dump the body?”

“No one has found the river site yet,” John said, pinning the man with his foot.

“Body?” Joanne’s eyes widened. “What do you mean ‘body’?”

“Joanne.” Lisa walked up to her and gave a chuckle. “Where do you think we got all that blood from?”

“But, couldn’t you leave-“

“-them alive? Then there be an investigation into a bunch of strange group attacks.”

“We can’t turn them all,” she continued, cutting Joanne off. “We wouldn’t be able to sustain a group that large. Better to have a series of separate, unexplained disappearances. Besides, it’s fun to watch them die.” She bent down and gripped the man’s throat. Joanne looked into his eyes. Scared, confused. She couldn’t take it, and before she knew it she was running.

“Get her!” She pumped her legs as fast as she could. When she had finally gotten away, she slid to the ground and wondered how things had gotten so messed up.


“-a vampire?” She and the boy stared at each other while the bullies groaned quietly. She turned away, but he grabbed her arm.

“Wait!” She turned and watched him warily. “Thank you.” He smiled and so did she.


Joanne turned from the fallen ice cream and followed Jules into the kitchen of the house. Jules’ mom was making sandwiches and didn’t notice them make their way upstairs and into the attic. Jules locked the door and turning to Joanne, he pulled up his sleeve.

“Drink from me,” he said offering her his wrist. Joanne shook her head violently.

“I can’t.”

“You have to. You might attack someone.” Joanne walked up him slowly and held his wrist in her hand.

As soon as she had done it, she knew that it was a bad idea. But she couldn’t stop; the hunger wouldn’t let her stop. And now Jules was crying out, but she couldn’t pull herself away…


“What have you done?” Jules' mother sat there, cradling his blond head in her hands. But Joanne couldn’t speak. She just stood there staring at the face that had been smiling only a while ago…


Maine lifted her head from her hands.

“It was my fault. I killed him.”

The End

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