Chapter 58: Silken Secrets

The tour of the house went on and still neither Maine nor Aliryia would say anything. Aliryia hated the pulsing globe inside her physical heart that was her Elven-born conscience; it protested everything against this deception towards their Black Leader. She had done nothing wrong, merely wanting to establish a place of protection for...creatures like themselves, and now they were all being used, Erulastiel included.

At least, that’s what it seemed, and what it felt like to the elf. The headache of the illness meant that Aliryia knew that her recklessness was out of confusion, not her own personal disregard for the truth.

However, when the book had found itself into the next room, Aliryia felt that she would have to speak up soon.

"What do you see?" she asked Erulastiel, as the girl wandered towards the now-open tome.

"Huh?" Now she was staring at it strangely, as if transfixed a little.

"Oh, Black Leader, look into the book. Does it tell to you anything? In what language do you read it?"

For, although she may have lost her mentality, Aliryia knew that she wasn't in a state of dreaming essence now. It could have been in a haze of confusion that she saw it, but, looking not only to the table, also into her own soul, Aliryia could tell that she was no longer delirious. The book was indeed real!

Obliging, Eru picked up the book and held it between her hands, scanning it quickly, before she uttered a gasp and the book clattered to the floor. Erulastiel sunk into a chair as a couple of the other girls gathered around, confused at her shameful face.

"English, definitely English," she said, gasping for air.

"What did it say?" asked Jacquiline, the only one to have not yet rushed over to Eru. She knelt and lifted the book as its pages flapped open in a rush of wind from a suddenly-open window.

"Don't..." Eru croaked, her face in her hands.

It was too late. Jacquiline was already gaping, wide-eyed at the silken writing. Eru's head jerked up at her silence.


"I-" Jacquiline stumbled. "You read this? I- I'm so sorry...for everything."

"You...sorry? It is I who am to blame. I never wanted..."

"I didn't mean-"

"Me neither. It was an accident-"

Aliryia was confused. As dialogue was thrown over her head, the elf let herself 'tune out'. She picked up on the wave of the trees in the garden instead, feeling the wind brush against her bark, their skin. Her thoughts...her branches, spanned out to the sky where relief and sense had always been waiting for the girls.

Those messages had been in English, after all, not a dead Elfish tongue.

"Aliryia?" Maine's head came into focus beside the elf's shoulder, and the girl's puzzled expression swam into eerie sight. Aliryia blinked rapidly to make sure her mind was no longer with the foliage. "What are they on about?"

"They are only seeing what they are required to," Aliryia replied, numb. In a second, all eyes in the room were on her, her voice having resonated enough to stop a brewing argument of secrets.

Still, Aliryia felt frozen, trance-like.

"Everybody has secrets, is that not the case, no matter the society? Everyone has something more to hide. But it is that that book knows...and so do I.

"It's time to tell all the truth, Maine. It's time to confess."

The End

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