Chapter 55: The House

Eru looked about at the questioning faces of her charges. She shook her head as memories assailed her mind. She pushed them down and began at the finding of the house.

"I was in the forest." She began slowly. "I was injured and couldn't fly. I thought for sure I was going to die. Then I stumbled out into the road and I saw the Sistren before me. It was raining and the house looked frightening in the flickering light casst by the lightning. I took a deep breath and walked up to it.

As I neared the imposing building, the door flung itself open as if in greeting. I walked in, knowing that it was my only chance for survival. Once inside, I found medical equipment and treated myself immediatley. I found it all very strange but at the time I didn't question it.

I fell asleep to the steady pouring of rain and the rumbling bursts of thunder. When I awoke it was morning, light streamed in the windows and Marn was beside me snoozing gently. I stood up and there on the kitchen table was a note in the same language as that of the hilt.

It was strange to me at first but as I read it I found the words translating in my brain. They said:


This house has been given to you for a purpose. You must learn to know and care for the house as well as fill it with the most precious treasure. Be careful if you mistreat the house, however, for if you do it will not be very forgiving.

Use it wisely.

As if thoughts had been telepathically inserted into my brain I knew what the house was for. I let out the news of the Sistren but the house only revealed itself to those who belonged here. After that, there is no more to tell. The house has used me as its instrument, as it were, and even i know little of its secrets."

I finished and looked abhout at my sisters, waiting for a reaction. 

The End

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