Chapter 52: A New Day's Aventure Calls

As the girls headed upstairs, Calea quickly tapped Alirya on the shoulder. She turned to face her, then after she didn't say anything, Alirya asked, "What is it, Sister?"

Instead of saying something to the girl, Calea lifted a fragile hand to Alirya's left ear. She tucked some golden curls behind it to reveal a point at the end. Even though the sister had spilled her life story to her on the previous day, she had to see it for herself.

When she saw it, instead of running to the protection of the other girls, she smiled. Soon after, Alirya broke into a wide grin, also. It simply meant one thing to Calea: thank you.

As she quickly ran up the stair closely followed by the elf girl, she accidently tripped on the last step. She tumbled to the ground and the other girls that had been in front of her turned to help her.

"Are you ok, Calea?" many voices asked her, and she nodded. Two Sisters lifted her up by her arms and when she moved the hair out of her eyes, she saw Eru standing in front of her.

"Are you ok? Did you scrape anything?" Eru asked tenderly, her eyes clouded with worry.

"Yah, I'm fine. I'm just so clumsy sometimes." When she said that, relieved smiles broke out on the girls. "Let's get back to our adventure."

Since her surroundings were so new, Calea looked in every possible nook and crany. Thanks to her creative juices, she noted that she might suggest to Eru to decorate the giant house with some pictures or some plants. When she was imagining what it would be like if Eru was an undercover interior designer, something like a small animal flew by her ear. As it perched on Eru's shoulder, Calea got a  better look at it. It was a small dragon.

Even from a distance, it looked so cute that she could practically  touch its red scales. It made her smile to know that there was an animal in the house. It comforted her. But even if the samll creature wasn't there, she could always count on her forest friends to be there.

The End

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