Chapter 48: Thinking in the Dark

Eru had passed through the day in a rather subdued manner. Then Maine had told her and the others of a strange book. The girls had just dismissed it as another curiosity but Eru pondered it carefully. She had to know every little 'curiosity' through and through to keep them safe.

She had resolved to go and ask Maine about it tomorrow.  For now, it was once again time to sleep. She stepped lightly into the room and crawled onto the top of the soft covers only bothering to take off the cloak. She lay there for at least an hour. Alkyra had come in and was now sleeping peacefully.

Eru was restless. She left Marn on the pillow where he was sleeping contently. She exited the room softly and wandered the now empty halls alone. She let her wings out and went to the two story library. She walked the hardwood floor of the balcony jutting out from the wall with grim silence.

The colorful books with letters scrawled with a beautiful elegance caught her eye for a time but then her mind returned to, of all things, her wandering days. She remembered both the fear of being hunted and the beauty of the world she had travelled. The glimmer of stars as she slept upon gentle grass stood out strongly in her mind. If she had but freedom to do so she would sleep under those stars this cloudless night.

Instead she walked the quiet contentment of there this old and newly beloved house. She was glad she could call it her home. She would have to find new ways to grind this place forever into her mind. A fun activity in this house would do the trick she supposed.  

Then her mind turned to the strange book. She had not gotten to look at it yet and she was nearly overcome with curiosity. If it said what Maine said it did it would indeeed be a curiosity to help Eru discover who Maine truly was. There was more to the girl than met the eye and she had long considered possibilities. .

Her wings streched out to their fullest as she considered every one of the possibilities. It was just to puzzling. Then a creak from behind her alerted her that she was no longer alone. She turned slowly to face the newcomer.

Aliryia. She breathed a sigh of relief until she saw a girl whom she did not know. She tensed a bit before realizing, a newcomer. These dark shadows had turned her mind to darker things and she found it hard to recognize a new friend in the shadows.

Smiling to the girl she said, "Welcome, new one, to the Sistren."

The End

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