Chapter 47: Never Would Have Guessed

"Thank you, Berlie!" Calea whispered to the hawk as it dropped her lightly onto the brown roof of what seemed to be a large house. Berlie flew off into the velvet night sky, giving a slight shriek to the rest of his friends. Calea waved as his figure slowly disappeared from her sight.

She was careful not to fall off of the roof as she slowly walked a few yards. Even though she had excellent balance, there was still a chance of falling off.

Her journey here had been a mix of things. Calea had decided to run away from the home she had known for so long for an adventure. At first, she tried living in the forest with all of her animal friends, but somehow dead animal meat wasn't very appetizing to her.

She had walked miles and miles through the forest trying to find an abandoned house or shack where she could take a jump start to her new life. But after a while, she had grown to tired to walk anymore. Calea had taken out the shell from her pack and made a weak hawk call. She did it again because no one would have heard it. Finally, Berlie, a young hawk, flew out from the trees and she took hold of his legs and they had flown here to this building.

She continued to scale the roof until she found an open window. A smile appeared on her face as she took a slight glance inside.

The room was dark. Thankfully, Calea had excellent night vision. She clearly made out the two beds and the other furninture. The beds seemed to be occupied by two girls. The one with blond curls stirred, so Calea quickly shot out of sight.

When she thought it was safe, she poked her head in again. The door wasn't shut all the way, and she didn't know what the layout of the house was. She hadn't seen any other open windows on her way here.

She quickly put one foot in after the other without making a sound. She slowed her breathing to almost nothing as she slowly crept across the room. But just as she was about to touch the door, the girl with golden curls sat up, eyes wide open.

"Who's there?" she said with caution in her voice. It was way to late to hide. She was caught.

She froze, at first thinking of what the girl  might do to her if she found her snooping around in her house.

"W-who are you?" the girl asked, now slowly making her way over to where Calea stood.

"My name is Calea, and I was just looking for somewhere to stay for a couple of nights," she answered.

But what the girl did next surprised her. She smiled.

"Welcome to the Sistren," the girl said. "I will go get Eru."

The End

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