Chapter 45: Odd

Maine went back upstairs, puzzled. When she had gone to tell the girls about the strange book, they had told her that she had probably been overreacting. Alkyra, she noticed, hadn't been there. She reentered the room and picked up the book, turning the pages. Nothing.

Confused, she got up and went towards the window to get more light, only to realize that it was dark outside. Oh well. She could see pretty well in the dark anyway. She left the room walked down the hallway, still flipping through the pages. Where had that writing gone? Had she imagined it? She didn't think so. She rounded a corner and bumped into something, and the book dropped from her hands. A figure appeared.

"Aliryia!" She shouted. She now had an explanation for the strange apparition she had seen last night.

“Please, Maine, you mustn’t tell anyone about…this. I just don’t…hmm…” She bent down and picked up the book.

“What is this?” She gasped. Maine looked at the book, but she couldn't see a thing.

"Do you see writing? The same thing happened to me." She took the book.

Aliryia turned to her. "What did you read?"

"It said it knew who I was." She didn't want to mention the secret part. "Um, maybe we should go and eat."

"But the book..."

"We should look at it tomorrow. "

Aliryia nodded. "Agreed." She began to walk away.

"Hey! Aren't you going to dinner?"

"No. I am not hungry." Aliryia seemed tired.

"Is something wrong, Aliryia?"

"No, I'm...fine." Maine shook her head and went down to dinner, taking a swig from her flask as she went. She was starving.

The End

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