The Book

As Eru lead the new girl into the house, Maine turned towards the sun. It was a fiery yellow circle against the bright blue sky. She didn't like the sun very much and walked towards the shade of the trees, taking a sip from her flask as she walked.  She looked at the others.

She hadn't talked to them much. Perhaps she should. But she felt so comfortable where she was. So she stayed there and watched as Aliryia walked inside. After a few minutes she grew bored and was just about to walk over to the girls when she noticed the book the boy had dropped. She picked it up and walked inside, towards her room. Closing the door, she opened the book and began to flip through it. At first she couldn't read it since it was filled with red, swirling letters in a language she couldn't decipher, but she finally came upon a chapter written in English. She read the message, a chill slowly descending down her spine.

I know who you are  Joanne, and sooner or later your secret will be revealed.

Maine slammed the book shut. How it had known her real name she didn't know. Leaving the book on her bed, she raced towards the others, unsure what to tell them.

The End

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