Hello everyone! This is Padfoot, creator of this story. Guess what? I have a surprise request for you! If you would like to participate read on! If not, you don't have to read the rest.

I'd like to see your characters! So, I want you all to draw a picture of them. They can be doing anything anywhere or simply just a person.

Now, if you suck at drawing as much as I do, you can ask a friend to draw it or simply drink some lemonade. You know, whatever. I'm flexible.

Who's READY?!?! I AM! MEEEEE!!!!!

Just post a link so we can see the picture (or pictures if you feel SUPER ambitious) at the end of your chapter! Or if you feel lazy, (as I may inevitibly feel) just post it in the comments.

This is Paddy, BEING EXCITED, and publishing this surprise!

The End

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