Chapter 40: A New One

Eru watched the new girl nervously trying to tuck a strand of hair behind her hair even though it was already there. She looked from face to face as if trying to determine who to speak to. Eru, almost automatically by now, stepped forward to greet this new one.

She lined up her gaze with the girl's. The girl's eyes were genuine. Eru let her stern exterior drop and smiled at her. "Welcome to the Sistren." The girl looked slightly scared at first but the green pools of Eru's eyes washed over her leaving her in a warmth of calm.

Eru asked what her name was and she responded "Jacquiline." Eru turned back to the other girls. She looked at the poor guy pinned to the ground. She shook her head and said, "What are we going to do with him?" Jacquiline stepped up and said, "Allow me. I'll be back in a few minutes." She took the guy by the arm and led him away from them.

Eru looked at the other girls. A few suspicious glances conveyed meanings to her that they knew this guy was a bit odd. But Eru had a gut instinct that this guy wouldn't bother them again. She glanced about a few times and then let her wings peep out from under the cloak. They cramped if they were restrained to long.

The girls slowly sat on the grass and simply stared up at the clouds, each absorbed in her own thoughts. Eru moved over a few feet to a tree that looked decently strong. She climbed it and perched on the branch, simply thinking.

She watched as Aliryia ran across the grass and leaped into the lower branches of the tree. She quickly swung her light weight up to the branch where Eru simply sat. She sat next to Eru, looking over the yard with a practiced eye.

"You seemed occupied with something dark sister." She glanced over at Eru's pensive face. "It's nothing ground shaking." Eru responded quietly. "Sister, I must ask," What she had to asked wasn't found out because at that choice moment Jacquiline returned. Eru let a ghost of a smile flutter onto her face before gliding down to greet the new sister.

She led the girl to the huge mansion and stated, "Home."

The End

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