Jacquiline: Maybe not the best time

I stepped forward, pulling my dark coat closer together in front of my chest and tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear. I found myself face to face with an entire group of people, most of them girls, an elf, a girl with scales, one with a cape and another, who looked normal, but her eyes shifted almost constantly, from face to face, as if she was hiding something. And then there was the boy. About 18, he seemed absolutely terrified, of course, I would be too if I just got knocked down by a strong reptilian female in a dress.

"I know him." I repeated, a little nervous now that all those eyes were on me. Y'see, I had a secret, a sort of power in words. I could make something real just by writing it down, even people. This one, I had written down because I'd been lonely, I wanted someone to talk to on my way here. He'd run off with my stuff though, and I'd been chasing him all the way here. "His name's Kyle." I said, stepping forward. "He's not much harm, pretty decent conversationalist too. He was traveling with me, for company." I couldnt tell them yet, I didnt want to scare them. I promised myself I'd  put my pencil away unless it was an absolute emergency.

"Um, you wouldn't happen to have any rooms free, would you?" I asked the group in general, I had no idea who was in charge here. I tucked my hair behind my ear again nervously, though it hadnt moved from last time.

The End

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