Maine walked around the garden, thinking about what Aliryia had said to her.

"Maine, it doesn't matter what it is. We'll help you get through it. Whatever it may be, we, at The Sistren, can help you."

Was that really true? Could they really help her? Perhaps she could stop hiding her secret. This was the Sistren of Randomness. They would accept her. Right?

The woman looked up, her eyes filled with hatred. 

"What have you done?" She shrieked, the rage and sorrow showing through her eyes. But Maine couldn't speak, she couldn't answer...

No. She would try to keep it a secret a little longer. Aliryia was getting close, but she didn't know. Not yet anyway.

Voices drifted from the other sides of the garden, and as she listened, she realized that on of them was male. Alarmed, she ran to the stop and was surprised to find the lizard girl pinning a young man to the ground.

"Alira, who is that?"

She looked up, so absorbed in her interrogation that she hadn't noticed Maine's presence. "This man is a thief. He was trying to steal from the Sistren. Oh, and my name is Alkyra."

"Sorry." Maine looked at the man. He couldn't have been more than eighteen, with curly blond hair and a stocky physique. The man, apparently glad to see someone that seemed human, began to talk, the words tumbling out of his mouth.


Maine could hear his rapid heartbeat, and could smell his sweaty palms. "You're lying." She glared at him. "Tell the truth. Now." Just then, Eru and Alirya came, their eyes wide with surprise.

The man looked at all of the girls and realizing that none of them seemed friendly, he began to cry.

"I am sorry," he sobbed. "They made me steal it!" Maine looked at his satchel, which had fallen onto the ground. "What is in that bag, Alkirie?"

"It's Alkyra," she said as she picked up the sack. "Hmm. There is a strange book inside."

"We should tell..." She trailed off and her eyes began to dart frantically. Alkyra began to look around, too.

"What is it?"

Maine stared at a singular tree in the woods, behind which she knew someone was hiding. 

"We are not alone."

The End

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