Chapter 35: Drifting Back

Eru chatted politley with Alkyra, admiring her new dress. It hid her scales quite well. She had other matters on her mind though. She hadn't gotten to do what she had wanted to do in the town and it was bugging her. She wanted to go back and fufill what she had gone there to do but she couldn't leave the girls.

Eventually Alkyra drifted over to the other girls to find out what was in those mysterious bags. Eru looked around for Aliryia. Despite her, "I'll think about it." statement she had come to think of Aliryia as her second in command more and more often. She was coming to depend on the proper elf more and more often. This was another time she would have to leave the girls in her capable hands.

Eru drifted back until there was a sizeable gap between her and the other girls. She waited until the girls began to filter through the doors. Aliryia sat down on the porch and Eru darted into the forest before she could spot her. She sent out a silent prayer that the girls wouldn't notice her disappearance.

She scrambled neatly up into a tree and began ghosting from tree to tree, her wings aiding her tremendously. She was silent yet she often stopped to do several 360s to be sure she wasn't being followed.

Soon she was far enough from the Sistren to be identified as a bird. She jumped into the air and flew to the edge of the woods before floating back to the trees. She landed lightly on the slightly springy turf. Her wings retracted automatically and she headed toward town.

As soon as she entered the presence of unfamiliar people her wings twitched uncomfortably. Her breathing quickened at the slightest brush of another person against her. She forced herself to calm and emerged on Main Street. She went to the front of a giant book store and entered more or less calmly.

She strolled aimlessly through the shelves using her old tactic. It was virtually pointless to be in here since she probably owned a copy of every book in here in her two story library. But she always used this tactic. And it worked every time.

"I think I've got one you would like." a male voice rang out. Eru hid her smile before turning to face a guy about the age of 14, her own age. He was smiling and holding out a book to her. She read the cover in a glance. 'Folk Tales From Around the World.' Interesting.

She followed him up to the desk and gave him the money which he counted up slowly. She wondered if he did that delibratly but shook off the thought and focused on the matter at hand. Fingering the book gently she asked, "Any news?"

He continued his slow count silently before remarking, "There's news of an organization of a group called the Sistren. It's for girls of all races. Everyone in town is talking about it. It's supposed to be led by a fearsome leader named, oh what was her name?" He struggled silently and Eru's wings wiggled nervously.

"Oh yeah, it was Erulastiel. Odd name." Eru's heart sank. "You don't like it?" she asked quietly. He looked down surprised at her small and seemingly helpless figure. "Oh no, I didn't mean it like that. It's just uncommon. I wish I had a unique name like that." His voice trailed off as he began counting her change.

Eru slyly asked, "What is your name?" He handed Eru her change and said "Jasper." She smiled up at him. His eyes were a brilliant shade of blue which perfectly complimented his mane of shaggy golden hair. His skin was fair and his face easy going. He was only slightly taller then Eru herself although he would look much more impressive in a fight.

She pocketed the change and held the book tightly to her chest. She looked at Jasper grave-faced as she said, "Thanks for the book. I'll see you around." This last part was a total lie. The only place this boy would ever see her was probably in the shop.

Nevertheless, he smiled at her and said, "I hope so." With butterflies in her stomach she left the shop and came as close to running as she could. Once she reached the forest she fell to her knees, her stomach churning with nerves. She could take on a legion of evil full grown men and this one guy had brought her down.

She cursed at her weakness to normal human tendencies for a few minutes then began her tree gliding technique. She came to a stop a bit down the road and walked casually on it, trying to think of an excuse to explain where she'd been. Only to find Aliryia, sitting on the porch still, as though looking for an explanation.

The End

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