Chapter 32: Strange Day

The day hadn't turned into a horrible nightmare. No, it was surprisingly...pleasant to say the least. Or that is simply how Alkyra saw it. When the elf came for her after the lizard's climatic exit from breakfast, she felt welcomed for once in her troubled life. In fact, Aliryia reminded her of the old man she had almost called father so long ago. While in contrast, the elf was certainly a formal and quiet lady, the old man, who had since passed away, had a warmth of acceptance around him and kindness in his eyes, Alkyra knew Aliryia had that as well, although those traits were very subtle and hid under a layer of grace and etiquette.

Even though she was convinced to come along, Alkyra felt edgy and on her toes, and to add to this feeling of discomfort, the cloak, that concealed her vibrant scales, was heavy, doubled with the lack of coolness in the air and the dress she wore under it, building heat made her even more uncomfortable. But she did her best not to complain. Instead what comments she made were usually out of spite for something that was hidden in words shared under her breath. Eventually, it seemed, the warmth that was boiling up underneath the cloak reached the ends of her tolerance for it. In the end, she shrieked at Aliryia after Eru unintentionally pointed out the need for it.

Amazingly, her complaint made her day. Minutes after they left the store where Alkyra's eyes fell upon the most beautiful (but well out of her price range) dress, Aliryia told Eru and the lizard to stay hidden while she disappeared to who knows where.

"What do you think she's up to?" Eru asked as they stood under the shade of a tree.

Alkyra shrugged, drawing up the weight of the cloak up then letting it fall. "No clue, Eru."

After a brief silence, she awkwardly coughed and leaned against the trunk of the tree. "Um, Eru," Alkyra began, her voice a bit meek, "Sorry about being...irritable. I'm not a fan of...people."

Eru smiled softly. "It's okay, I should've been more considerate about how you felt."

"Oh no, no; you wanted to make sure the girls had everything they wanted. That's perfectly fine. I should just stop acting so...whatever." The lizard laughed, shaking her head.

"I suppose we were both a bit "whatever" today, huh?" Eru replied, giggling as well.

Just then, the elf appeared from the shadows of a building, something folded in her hands. When she reached them, her soft face seemed somewhat anxious but it went unnoticed by the two as their eyes widened and locked on the amber dress. It seemed that it was the very same clothing from the store!

"Ali...oh, where did you get that?!" both Eru and Alkyra questioned, eyes not leaving the dress.

A small, thin but sweet smile formed on her lips. "Here," the elf pushed her hands towards the lizard, "this is for you. Think of it as a gift, sister."

Alkyra's eyes went from the elf's face, searching for some hint of a joke or jest, and then back to the amber material becoming unsettled from its neat fold. She touched it lightly, as though it was a figment of her imagination - something from a dream - and that it would disappear the moment her hands made contact with it. It didn't; the dress was still in Ali's arms. Carefully, she took it and clutched against her chest. She then held it up as she allowed it to flow downwards, sizing the dress up against her frame.


She was speechless. Briefly Alkyra let the kind gesture sink in and let the strange feeling of gratitude brighten up her face. "Thank you, Ali."

The only response she was given was a careful nod and the edges of the other girl's mouth widening.

Happily clapping her hands together, Eru spoke. "Lovely! Now let's go find the others and get home soon?"

They both agreed and Alkyra tucked the dress carefully under her cloak, making sure it wouldn't wrinkle too much. For once, in a long time, she home.   

The End

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