Chapter 30: Distractions

While Alkyra left the room, Eru looked at her reflection in the full body mirror. Her ghostly pale legs strongly contradicted the skirt she had uncaringly picked out. Her bare feet were melting into the soft tan carpet. Her arms, long and bony, supported her spider like hands which were knitted before her t-shirt.

She looked over her face. It was as pale as the rest of her. Her lips hardly added any color to this. But her eyes popped. Their vived green contradicted everything else. They spoke more volumes than any words could. Her hair fell in long black locks framing her face and extending downward. Her face looked free from the normal flaws that attacked the faces of most her age. Her wings hid beneath her long black cloak to give  her a little more regularity.

Compared to her normal fashion of grime and blood, she thought, this was decidedly one of her better days. She put that thought down immediatly. Despite how her day was going there were some things she could never do. Looking decent was all well and good, but she knew she could not look pretty. She had accepted this long ago but it didn't hurt to remind herself.

She padded down the stairs, hearing all the idle chatter of the girls below. She smiled. This was a great way to meld them into a family. She arrived in the room and took her seat at the table. A plate was already there filled with food. She pulled Marn out from his cozy place between her wing and her back and put him on the table. Smoke curled out of his nostrils as he excitedly began to nibble on her food.

"Something troubling you Eru?" came the voice of Alkyra into her thoughts. She nearly jumped guiltily out of her feathers. She put the thoughts previously occupying her foremost intrest to the blackest corner of her mind. A blush tried to creep its way up into her pale cheeks but she repressed it and put on a blank expression.

Her little daydreams nudged at her and she intoned,  "Well, I was considering we step out for a bit, but I know you all just got here..." Guilt gnawed at her as she realized her own fantasy had affected the schedule of the day. She looked sheepishly around the table waiting for an answer.

"Oh? What did you have in mind?" Maine asked taking a bite of her breakfast. 'Well, as long as I started it I might as well go through with it. It would look a bit suspicious if I abandoned the plan so quickly.' she thought as she said, "Well... How ‘bout we go into town?"

Aliryia's calculating look sprung into her eyes.  "Why? Do we not have everything we need?" Eru scrambled for a reason to go into town. "Oh," she stalled. "Yes we do. I just thought checking out the stores there would I mean, the people there aren't so bad."

Alkyra flared up quickly and Eru felt dissapointment crushing her. ""Aren't so bad?"" she began, a rage filling her. "Somehow...I doubt that." she dumped her dishes in the sink and stalked off. Eru expected another few outbursts considering what they had all been through.

She noticed Maine had gone a bit distant and tried to gain her attention. "Maine?" "Huh?" "I was wondering if you wanted to go to the town." "Oh. Sure." Eru looked her over before turning to the rest of the table and asking, "Anyone else?"

The girls whispered amongst themselves, trying to determine if it was safe or not. Eru's day dreams snuck into the front of her brain no matter how hard she tried to suppress them. She angrily chided herself telling herself that if things went bad here she would have to take wing without anything holding her back. She had to stop what this was doing to her. She looked up to see all the girls on the brink of desicion.

The End

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