Chapter 30: Memories

Maine pushed her eggs around her plate. Part of her agreed with Alkyra. Humans could be cruel. She knew from experience. But...

She walked down the street, looking around warily. Her hand strayed to her flask, but she knew it was empty. As she turned the corner she was surprised to see a group of teens ganging up on a boy around her age.

"Hey Jules," one of the boys shouted, "Why did you run? I thought we were friends."

The boy didn't say a word.

"I said I thought we were friends!" He punched him and the other boys joined in.

"What's wrong, Jules? You don't look too good."

She knew what she had to do. She ran over to them and quick as lightning she grabbed one of them by his collar and threw him into a wall. The other two charged at her.  She tripped one with a spinning kick and threw the other one over her head. The other two ran away, but the first one stayed down. Jules stared at her in amazement. She put my hands in her pockets.

"You should get out of here." The boy turned and jogged away. She look at the guy who was still on the ground. Maybe she could quickly...


When she lifted her head she found herself looking into the boy's eyes. He had witnessed the whole thing. His eyes were wide with disbelief.

"You're a..."



"I was wondering if you wanted to go to the town."

"Oh. Sure." She needed to buy something anyway.

The End

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