Chapter 29: Breakfast at the Sistren


When the chill of the morning air got to her, and at the behest of Eru, Alkyra shut the window and readied herself for breakfast. Quickly running a brush through her tangled red hair and braiding the bush, she walked downstairs to the kitchen, enjoying the feel of the carpet under her bare feet.  The smell of eggs and fresh tomato welcomed her when she felt the cold tile of the kitchen floor. "Ah, good morning! Who's cooking?" Alkyra greeted, sending a grin to Maine and Aliryia. They returned a loose smile of their own and Maine gestured for her to take a seat.

"Aliryia is. I've decided to stay back and refrain from burning myself." Maine replied, taking another bite of her meal with an impassive expression on her face. A bit unwillingly to try the omelet, the lizard suppressed a giggle at the look on the other girl's face.

"Is that so," Alkyra hummed, her smile never fading, "The elf cooks? Amazing that she dances too."

There was a slight clang of a spoon against a pot when the comment passed through her lips, followed by a snicker of sorts. "You see a lot of things from a bedroom window," she chuckled, enjoying the fidgeting nature of the prim and proper elf.

"I do not know what you mean, sister. Perhaps you're hungry?" Aliryia said, her words coming out quickly, although they still carried the formal undertone. In a scuffle, the elf dropped an omelet into a plate and passed it to the lizard before turning her back as fast as she could. Although Alkyra did not get the pleasure to see the flustered expression on her face (which she doubted was even there) it didn't stop her from a scuffled laugh or two.

Not any sooner, the rest of the girls living in the house fluttered into the kitchen. "Good morning!" they cheered, bustling around to get their plates and breakfast.

"What shall we do today, sisters?" The elf asked, sitting down with the lot. Eru, who was the last to join the girls for breakfast, picked at her food cautiously, but stayed unspoken. Taking noticed of this, the elf eyed her curiously and kindly. "Something troubling you, Eru?" she asked, her voice soft.

While her pet began to nibble on her own food, Eru looked up from her plate. "Well, I was considering we step out for a bit, but I know you all just got here..."

"Oh? What did you have in mind?" said Maine, swallowing a less than tasteful mouthful of omelet.

"Well..." Eru began, unsure whether to continue or not. When their eyes settled on her, she bit her lip and went on, "How ‘bout we go into town?"

The silence that followed was, to say the least, uncomfortable. While Alkyra was certain that not all of them were as wary of people as she was, she didn't think that they could simply go into town as a group without a few eyes following them. The last thing she wanted, or needed, was draw attention to herself or the others.

Aliryia was the first to speak, "Why? Do we not have everything we need?"

"Oh," Eru began again, dropping her fork so that it clattered next to her plate, "Yes we do. I just thought checking out the stores there would I mean, the people there aren't so bad."

""Aren't so bad?"" Alkyra muttered, "Somehow...I doubt that." She stood from her seat swiftly, dropped her meal into the sink with a large clang, and left the kitchen wordlessly. To her, people were all the same. It only takes one thing to turn people from being not "so bad" to shunning and chasing you from your own home in the middle of night, weapons in hand.

The End

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