Chapter 27: A Healthy Morning Dose of Shock

Eru slept well that night. It was a relief to be able to sleep knowing that there were people here she could trust. 'At least for now.' she told herself mildly. Marn was warm and hard against her cheek, very reassuring. She drempt of one of those rare good days she had had flying through clear blue skies with Marn.

When she awoke however she got a good healthy morning dose of shock. She saw Alkyra half out the window into the clear air outside. That had quite a long drop down to the ground. Eru nearly lept out of her feathers and declared loudly "Alkyra...WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" She had one leg out the window and the other was on the way. "Jumping?" she queried with a smile hovering on the edge of her lips.

To Eru however, joking was almost a foreign concept. She squeaked and jumped up in fright. If it had been her she could have easily used her wings but Alkyra wasn't the winged type. Alkyra had a startled and slightly guilty look on her face and she hastily said "Not really! I was just going to sit here and catch some sun." Eru struggled internally for a moment.

"Like... bask?" trying to make sense of people was an impossiblity in Eru's life. An amused look jumped to Alkyra's face and Eru became more confused as she replied jokingly, "Of course not! I have scales ‘n I'm pretty much lizard through and through, but I don't "bask"! That would be strange, even by my standards." Eru was about to nod but then something caught her eye.

"Is that my dress?" Her wings were naturally arching as they did when Eru got a shock or was angry. Alkyra coughed nervously. "Maybe..." Eru exasperatedly said "Alkyra!" The whole house was probably awake by now but Eru quieted herself with an effort. "I'm sorry. You just gave me a nasty shock." Eru looked her up and down. "You know, it really suits you. You can keep it."

Alkyra's eyebrows lifted in ashtonishment. "Really?" Eru nodded. "Of course. It does kind of contradict my natural darkness." She tugged on one black curl and her dark wings spread out behind her. "Oh." Alkyra's voice was unsure. "Right."

Eru turned her back on the girl to rummage through the dresser. "I didn't really buy all this for myself. I stocked every bedroom in the house with clothes. I figured most of us would be without ceratin nessecities." She was rummaging through the middle drawer.

Alkyra pulled her other leg out into the open air and the sun warmed her pleasently. She asked back into the room "How did you afford all these clothes?" A delicate cough came floating to her ear. "I, ah, didn't." Alkyra's face was mirroed in shock as she turned her head to look into the room. "Oh.. I, uh, see." Eru turned holding some obscure piece of clothing in her hand. "I didn't mean it like that! I've been given donations and the rest were all old clothing people had thrown out. I patched most of it myself and I did buy a few garments with the little money I had left after stocking the kitchen."

Alkyra turned her face back to  the warmth and Eru slipped on a nearly black dark blue t-shirt and a black skirt. Her feet remained bare but her customary black cloak was pinned about her shoulders to hide her wings.

"Shall we go eat?" she asked pleasently to Alkryia. "Indeed." She said, pulling herself half-regretfully back into the room.

A/N: I'm thankful to everyone who's helping to keep the story going! Personal thanks from Eru herself!

The End

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