Maine blinked. It was morning at last and she was almost glad to have the sun hurting her eyes. She got off the bed and stretched. I am so tired, she thought. That wasn't good. She went to the the wardrobe and brought out her clothes. Then she went to the bathroom. Fortunately, it was empty. She took a quick bath in icy cold water, hoping to wake herself up. After tugging one her long sleeved shirt and putting on her flask she went downstairs for breakfast.

There was no one in the kitchen either. She wondered if she was either really late or really early. So she made a big batch of scrambled eggs, brought out a loaf of bread and set them down on the table. Then she took a plate for herself. But she wasn't hungry for eggs at the moment. She stood and began looking around the  kitchen.

There had to be some around here somewhere...

"Good morning."

Maine bumped her head and turned around. "Oh, good morning, Al... Ay..."


"Right." Maine laughed. "Sorry."

"It's okay." Aliryia looked up at the ceiling. "I think everyone is getting ready."

"Oh, that's nice."

The End

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