Chapter 24: Checking In

Eru went into her room slowly, rubbing her eyes. Already there were problems. She had forseen this but prayed they would come at a later date. Aliryia had asked to be second in command and Eru was sorely tempted to accept her offer. But she had to think it through first. This thinking was absolutley nessecary.

She pulled off her cloak and threw it on the bed. Her midnight wings streched out in the open air behind her. It was marvoleous. She took out Marn and placed the sleeping little dragon on her pillow. She was seriously considering just going to sleep with out undressing when her ear picked up a faint noise. She paused then immediatly went into a protective crouch.

A quiet noise caught her attention but it was moving away in the hall. She silently cursed at herself when she realized it was probably one of the girls but then stopped. Without those instincts she would be dead by now. 'Might as well check on the girls.' she thought.

She slipped out on bare feet her light weight giving her no sound. She opened the first door she saw and poked her head in. Elorrie slept soundly and Aliryia gave almost all the sounds of sleeping. Except her breath was irregular. Eru smiled and cloed the door letting Aliryia play her little game.

The next door she opened belonged to Mirage and Maine across the hall. Maine was just pulling the covers up onto herself and she believed that Mirage was asleep. Maine had this weird look in her eye. Eru's quiet whisper carried to her. "You alright?" Maine nodded but kept her mouth clamped shut. Eru respectfully shut the door.

The next door was Aella's and Helena's. She opened the door to find Helena in a light sleep but Aella sat on the edge of her bed toying with her fingers. Eru crossed the room on quiet feet and sat down next to her. "Aella." she whispered.

The innocent girl looked up trustingly into Eru's deep green eyes. "Aella, why aren't you sleeping?" Aella kind of looked dreamily out the window before turning to Eru. "It's beautiful here. How did you find it?" Eru smiled and picked up the light girl. She tucked her into the bed and whispered. "That's a story for another day. Sleep Aella." Aella's eyes dropped immediatly and Eru slipped out. She started back to her room when she saw Alkyra standing uncertainly on the steps.

It hit Eru like a blow that Alkyra didn't have a roommate and therefore no room. "You can sleep in my room until you find another you like. Or if you find a better roommate." Alkyra nodded silently. Eru waved her into the room and she took the other bed. This time, without thought, Eru collapsed into her bed and fell into her customary light sleep.

The End

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