In Secret

Maine couldn't sleep. She wasn't tossing and turning though. She was used to her rampant insomnia. Besides, tonight she had something important to do. She got out of bed, not making the slightest sound. She walked down the hallway towards the stairs. Suddenly, she heard a slight sound. She turned and looked around, but could see no one. So she carefully tuned into her powers.

A glowing form was standing beside her, waiting. She was startled, not only by this invisible wanderer, but also by the growing desire rising inside of her...

With a lot of effort, Maine tuned out and her sight returned to normal. She turned and went back to the room, careful not to disturb her roommate. She lay down onto her bed and waited for dawn. She would just wait for a night the person wasn't there. She could trust herself to wait.

Couldn't she?

The End

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