Chapter 21: Timid

She blinked. It was all she could do.

When she had entered the mansion, guided by the girl who she seconds ago made physical contact with, her reptilian eyes widened. Possibly in awe or shock, but the lizard was unable to comprehend the feeling as she gazed from under her hood. The house - the mansion seemed to be so lavish and spacious, unlike the tiny and cramped cottage she used to live in during her earlier years. No worn or tattered furnisher or the smell of hay and oak lingering in the thick air, but only the rich colors littered everywhere along with the strange scent of...She didn't know what is was, but Alkyra knew it was foreign.

The maiden with fair skin led her to a room that carried the same rich colors and unfamiliar scent. Within the room were a group girl and at the sight of them, Alkyra anxiety grew to a higher level than before. They all looked at her. Nothing their eyes said they were judging, in fact their eyes were curious and unthreatening. That didn't help though. Being watched by strangers with unclear intentions made her want to curl into a ball and hideaway in the depths of the blackness of her cloak. To put it in one word, she was timid.

Alkyra wished for her legs to carry her away into the dimed familiarity of the dangerous forest. But she did not. With undying nerves, she smiled shyly and spoke with a harmless tone, "Good day. I am...Alkyra."

With their introductions following after, they all continued to smile at her. The lizard swallowed the lump in throat and eyed them strangely and slowly, observing the "strange creatures" that seemed eager to welcome her.

There was the girl with the homey eyes that matched the former comfort of the forest with dark, flowing hair to match. That girl - Eru, as she introduced herself - had watched her with not as much daring curiosity as the others. Then there was Helena with the sparkling blue eyes, Mirage who seemed to have eyes that matched the blackness of the night; Aliriya, the curly haired (what the lizard assumed her to be) elf, and Elorrie who was conversing with Aella and Maine.

Some many many people... It was true. Too many new faces to trust, but then again...this was the sistren, correct?


 Alkrya was a bit surprised. Okay, more than surprised. In fact, she was intrigued by the flying creature and her proposition. "Go into town?" She repeated, unwittingly. 

Eru, her dark wings spread apart, nodded and smiled. The lizard frowned at this. They couldn't simply walk into town without trouble. The lizard couldn't even go near a town without the judging eyes of the humans falling onto her. 

Alkrya made a quick decision. "I...think I'll just look around...See around the mansion and my room." The lizard shook her head and turned around, almost rudely but that was covered with her shyness. Her shoulders again tensely locked under her cloak as she went inside.

"Alright! By the way, your room is upstairs to the left, three rooms down from the stairs to the attic!" The winged-creatures called out to her.

She nodded to herself, repeating the instructions in her mind. She might as well become familiar with her new...home if she was to trust them.

The End

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