Going to Town

Maine watched in amazement as the girl landed. As the girl drew closer she noticed a tiny dragon on her shoulder. Wow, she thought, I guess here I'm one of the more normal people here. The girl looked at them and said, "I'm going into town. Anyone wanna come with?"

Maine had mixed feelings about this. She needed a larger flask but she remembered last time she went among humans.

Wild with hunger, she wandered into a small village where she collapsed on an old woman's doorstep. Naively she told the woman her secret. The old woman kindly fed her and took her to a bed in the spare room. But it was all a trap for in the middle of the night she awoke to find the woman standing above her, holding a dagger...

Maine shuddered and took a swig from her flask. All that was behind her. She was in the Sistren now. They took in people who were unwanted and unloved and didn't fit in. But she wouldn't tell them, just in case. "I'll go." she said meekly. She really wanted that flask.

The End

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