Chapter 19: All I can Handle

Eru cocked her head, watching the girls and most importantly the new arrival. She was a timid one she was.  Concealed in the shadows she streched her wings a bit. 'Cramped.' she thought. 'They wanna get up in the air.' She smiled to herself.  Of course they did.

She walked like a shadow out of the darkness and slipped to the door which had been left open. She through herself out using several hard wingbeats to get herself into the air. The wind whistled through her hair and she enjoyed every moment. She went far above the house and circled it easily, looking in the library sky light to see if anyone was in the library. Seeing no one she swooped on, careful not to soar to high unless someone in the town nearby caught a glimpse. She cast out with her sharpened senses to try to detect any abnormalties in the area besidesd the ones below her.

'Ah, no new arrivals today.' she thought to herself. 'Just as well, I've got all I can handle.'

She glided downward and came to a running stop. She then turned to find the whole Sistren staring at her from the porch. Every face was there. She stared almost guiltily at them. Helena's every look screamed that she wanted to do that too.

"I'm going into town anyone wanna come with?" She asked shyly.

The End

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