Chapter 18: Sister of The Rock

The girl walked away.

The conversation was getting tiresome. She stood and observed the glimmer of her reflection in the window that overlooked the emerald gardens, and showed the big blue sky outside. It wasn’t that these people were bad conversationalists, or boring, but Aliryia just couldn’t settle her mind. It reeled back to her mother’s death, and the loss of her in their small, traditional, Elvin community and family.

The other girls chatted about their rooms, but Aliryia did not want to ‘chit-chat’ any longer. She walked to the other end of the room, and peered out of the small rectangular window that gave a view out onto the porch. Aliryia frowned as movement rattled the trees. She squinted, but suddenly, her eyes became wide as a girl furtively scrambled down from the trees. She was very nimble, springy and suited to the environment out there.

Glancing behind herself, Aliryia trod softly out of the room, into the long, long, hallway, and then swung open the front door. By then, the new girl had reached the door, and her fist collided with Aliryia’s face as the latter stepped out.

She blinked. The hand that had knocked was not a forceful one, but it was adorned with strange orange scales and sharp fingernails.

“Excuse me, oh sister of the rock…” Aliryia spoke, as the girl started, embarrassed.

“I’m sorry…” She was shocked and took a moment’s pause, “Is this The Sistren?”

“Indeed it is. Shall I take you to the other girls or do you want to select one of our many lovely rooms?”

“Um…” The new girl seemed taken back slightly, “The other girls…please.”

Aliryia watched the girl as she led her back to the sitting area in which most of The Sistren’s occupants had gathered; she was timid, but seemed to have quite a daring personality as hard as the scales on her body, careful tucked under the shadows of her thick cloak. As for her appearance, she had flame-coloured hair, eyes like miniature stars, and a forked tongue to go with her mottled lizard-like scales. That was why Aliryia had chosen to call her ‘sister of the rock’.

She was an interesting, and new kind of girl, from a new kind of race; perhaps a little intimidating to some of the others, but Aliryia had been taught to respect all, even those who she could not comprehend.

All too quickly, they had reached their destination.

“Sisters…” Aliryia called to those who were left in the casual room, and threw her arms out wide as a way to introduce the new sister.

The others looked with their inquisitive, but demanding, eyes, and the lizard-girl started to shrink away from them. Perhaps it had not been the best thing to do, Aliryia thought.

The End

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