Chapter 17 - Nightmares and a Roomie

(A/N: Hey you guys, hope this is okay. Just one note: I didn't describe Maine's physical appearence as I don't remember her mentioning it and it isn't in the guidance. So I dont describe as well here on the chapter. If you guys want me to, i can edit it later. :-) )

Mirage walked into her room, leaving her sisters behind as she inspected her home. Her name was written against the wooden door, as if Eru had actually known she’d come. But that was clearly impossible. Shrugging, she entered the room and lay down on her bed, smoothing the covers out and shrinking into them.

This was her new home and her attitude towards it would change how she feels. When she wakes up, she should be happy and grateful, and when she wakes up, she was truly going to try to know her sisters.




“Leave us and never come back.”

I looked up at my parents, blinking back the tears that stung my eyes as I pleaded with them.

“Please, mom, dad, let me stay. What have I done?”

I felt a stinging sensation against my soft cheek and looked up at my father in shock.

“Don’t ever call us that! We have denied your existence and we don’t need you here. Besides, it’s time you know you aren’t our real daughter. You’re just a petty little orphan that we decided to accept because of pity. But now we have none for you.”

The shock hit me like cold water. I was an orphan. That explained the reason as to why my looks and abilities were different from the rest of the family.

“As for what you’ve done,” the tall woman said, sniffing slightly. “I’m pretty sure you can find out by looking at what you’ve become.”

I stared up at them before stepping out the house, wrapping the coat tightly around my body. The winter snow hit me hard and at once, I felt lost instead of being in the usual comfort of the fire and warmth back in the home.

They turned their backs to me and slammed the door shut, not caring to look after the girl they’d raised since she was born. Why would they anyways? She was a freak.




Mirage woke, gasping for breath, her heart pounding unevenly. Beads of sweat coated her forehead as she wiped them away quickly before getting up. That’s when she noticed she wasn’t alone in her room. There was another girl…a new sister.

“Are you alright?”

Mirage nodded slowly, knowing deep inside however, she was not even close to being okay.

The girl smiled before introducing herself.

“I’m Maine…your roomie.”

The End

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