As she walked toward the house, she wondered whether she should just turn around. I could be putting them in danger, she thought. But I have nowhere else to stay. I don't fit in with my kind and I don't fit in with humans either...

"You are a disgrace!"

"Get out of here, freak!"

"What have you done?"

She tried to shake the last memory from her head. "All that is behind me," she said to herself, "And a new start deserves a new name! Like June! No, Claire! Wait, I've got it! Maine! It is such a nice state!" She brushed her long black hair from her amber eyes and smiled. Suddenly her vision blurred and she could see red bodies of heat moving within the house. An immense hunger rose inside her... She shook her head and when she looked again her sight was back to normal and all she could she was a large house in front of her. She took out a hip flask and took a quick swig. "Okay, keep it together. Back straight, chest out, keep your flask full, don't smile, and don't let them find out." She walked inside.

The End

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