Chapter 14: Thinking

Eru chewed on her lip as she thought of this new, strange assortment of characters. She looked out on the darkening day. Where it had started clear and sunny it was turning into a light little drizzle. But that didn't worry Eru much since she could already see the clear patch of sky headed back again.

Her wings were wrapped so tightly around her it almost hurt. The girls were mingling well. Good, this was her plan. She herself had talked to the one called Mirage for awhile then come over to the window to do some thinking. 'You get jittery around crowds. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.'  a voice in her head thought. 'Psha, this is a chance to form the family you lost.' came the other voice. 'Don't remind me of that.' her concious mind told the voices. 'Right, but you've always wanted a family. And so have they. You need each other.' 'True true but you have Marn. He's all the family you need.'  'No I need a real family. These are the people I need so despreratly. I'm staying, and if my security is threatened I'll leave this fantasy behind with regret.'

'Thats the ticket.' said the second voice and they both went silent. Eru turned to find Marn hanging in the air behind her. She cocked her head and smiled at him. "You silly little dragon what are you doing?" She deposited him on her head and carried him into the living room where all the new members were seated now. Talking, sharing memories and experiences. It was almost to good to be true.

She coughed quietly and all occupaints of the room looked up. She looked into every face and assesed it. Helena, Aliryia, Aella, Mirage, and Ellorie. "Let's go upstairs and find out our roommates." Eru smiled at them in her most innocent way.

Author's Notes: Alright, before anyone can right the next chapter (minus a new character) everyone must right in the comments on this chapter who they would like they're roommate will be. We may have extras if we gain a few members but that's ok cause we'll work it out. Tell below please!

The End

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