Chapter Thirteen: In Concern

The girl watched the tears fall like silver high stars that fell to the ground every century. These drops were more precious, but yet the girl could do nothing to be part of the comforting. Her mother had always said not to use her talent for the worse of others, but her mother wasn’t here then, was she?

The first girl, who had situated herself in the room of books (a place in which Aliryia could get lost for hours, her eyes wandering from cover to silky cover of the printed novels and works of information), had a truly caring company already. The other girl, soft in appearance and kind-hearted in nature, had found a lodging room and settled herself in her own company. Aliryia guessed that she did not want others smothering her as was the approach towards young girls in those times. Unfortunately Aliryia could not just leave a fellow sister in such pain.

So Aliryia raced down to a room in which most of the girls where now gathering to converse, and made her way over to Eru, who was observing the others from the open door.

"Oh, dark leader," she said in the kindest way possible. (Aliryia's patterns of speech and ways were often different to those others in the house; she was descended from the very ancient of elves, and tradition had always been cordially upheld in the household of her strict father. If she or any of her brothers would fall out of step, well, let's just say they'd be foraging for their own food for a day. And so, the siblings learnt the ways of the ancestors, and would not find a way back even if they tried to now.)

"There appears to be discord amongst some members. Do not be troubled, sister, it is not between members, but rather from the members themselves. Their lives have been tainted with the colour of sorrow."

Eru gave Aliryia a concerned look.

“How many?”

“Just a two or three, sister. I would advise that we keep an eye on them from a distance. Things could reorganise themselves in time, but I would like to assist that other girl, talking to Mirage there, myself. All she needs are words of gold.”

As Aliryia turned away, she remembered the other thing that was on her mind; an ancients’ tradition, one which she herself wanted to keep.

“I was hoping, leader, that I could become a counsellor for you, a ‘second-in-command’, you might say, to bring advice on what I witness in our Sistren.”

“We’ll see,” was all Eru said, not giving anything away in her movements.

Indeed. A true leader would never push forward false hope, in case of a superior choice, and a true leader would hide the workings of her mind too.

Aliryia slid towards the other girls gathered together over two gleaming red sofas placed beside the wide glass window that overlooked the lake. They were chatting about the view, and both were nervous. Aliryia noticed that Helena and her new companion had not joined this group yet and, therefore, must still have been in the library.

Aliryia contented herself for a while making the ‘small-talk’ with the two other girls, before Eru finally came over and involved herself with Mirage. Luckily, that left Aliryia and the other girl to talk by themselves.

“It is difficult being here, is it not?” Aliryia started.

The other girl jumped, as though Aliryia had read her mind.

“I’m doing fine…thanks.”

Erulastiel says we may share rooms. Have you found a place yet? I have not.”

“Yes, I have one. It’s pretty small though…” Aliryia stared into the eyes of her companion, who suddenly blushed under the strong Elvin gaze. “I…I… You’re staring. I don’t even know your name!” She was taken aback.

“I apologise. My name is spoken as Aliryia,” She extended one dainty hand, “And you are…?”

“Ellorie,” said she, shaking the outstretched hand.

The End

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