Chapter 11: Re-learning

Aella was very interested by the small creature jumping around in her hand. Her brown eyes widened, the final tears spilling from them. A small hand reached out to touch the dragon, shaking with excitement. The dragon seemed to smile as she petted it, relaxing a bit.

A slight smile crossed Aella's face, brightening it. She pushed a strand of dark blond hair away from her face as her smile grew. Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming towards the library. Her smile instantly disappeared as she cradled the dragon in her still-shaking hands protectively.

"Hello there." A girl appeared in the doorway. "Are you the new arrival?"

Aella gave her a small nod.

"I heard you were sad," the girl said, sitting next to Aella on the sofa. Getting no answer, she continued. "I'm Helena."

Aella nodded again, not making eye contact with Helena. Carefully, she opened her hands to play with the dragon again.

"I see you've found Marn," Helena gave Aella a friendly smile. "Marn is very nice, isn't she?"

"Yes," Aella smiled again, stroking the dragon.

Helena put an arm around Aella. "Dear, what's wrong?"

"I don't belong here." Aella answered quietly.

"I know what it feels like," Helena comforted her. "I haven't fit in since the day I was born." She gave Aella a small smile and lifted her dark hair, revealing her pointed ears. "You're not alone here. You're safe."

Aella smiled as she leaned against Helena, her quiet innocence leading her to trust this strange girl. Helena smiled wider, patting the small girl's head.

"You belong here."

The End

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