Chapter 10: What's wrong?

Erulatiel heard a knock at the door so she went to it and prayed for a new member and not a nosy mailman or something that she would have to put out cold for seeing her wings.

She got her wish. Sadly, it wasn't what she exspected. A girl with tears streaming down her cheeks stood there. The girl tried bravley to smile but it came out all funny. Eru took the poor girl into her arms gently and held her. She shook with small sobs, as Eru sang her a soft elven song to soothe her.

She looked up with eyes that screamed of broken innocence. As if her mind could be read she knew this girl was one that needed her care so desperatly it cut her to the core.

"It's all right." Eru whispered. "This is the Sistren. You're safe here. I'll take care of you."

Eru knew she had been through alot. SHe took her to the library and sat her down on a sofa. She took little Marn out of her pocket into which he had just curled up. She put him into the gentle little hands and whispered in elvish "She needs our love. Give it to her." Marn understood and began playing with her.

Eru shook her head angrily as she left the room. Why was this world so corrupt?

Author's Notes: Yes it is still short but it will have to do. I have a very limited amount of time. Again. I can only snatch a few minutes at a time. We're up to 2 most popular! Post post post!

The End

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