The Fifth Member

Tears clouded Aella's eyes just as much as her thoughts blurred the "real world."

"You're a freak."
"You don't belong here; get out!"

Aella walked downstairs, a small duffel bag hanging from her shoulder. Her tears dropped onto the floor as they escaped her eyes, warming her cheeks further. Children could be so numb; putting each other down without a second thought.

"What are you doing here?"

Aella could be numb, too.


She could leave all of this behind.


The wind gave her a quick chill as it blew in through the open door.

"And never..."

One foot out, then the other. Aella's old life would be a thing of the past.

"Come back!"

She was fully out of the door now, and with a quick sigh she started to run. With each breath, her home was further behind. The desolate streets were a pleasure to her eyes; no one was there to stop her.

Her head pounded as her feet did, and a quick look behind her showed that no one was coming after her. No one was stopping her.

Aella was different than the others. It had all started with the amnesia. On this day one year ago, she had survived a car crash. But her memories hadn't. The doctors diagnosed her the very next day, and her instincts were the only things that remained.

She had to re-learn to walk and to talk. She had to re-learn how to write and read, but most of all she had to re-learn how to really understand humans. She had the ultimate innocence; none of it was spoiled. Aella trusted everyone.

The girls at school quickly befriended her. Everything Aella saw, she loved. Everything she heard delighted her. Every taste was new. She was like the foreign exchange student, the one they wanted to introduce to everything. But like all young children, they lost interest. The girls finally left her.

And her innocence was left broken. Everything she saw reminded her of her lost, every sound was an annoyance, and every taste was mundane.

She had no one to talk to. She had tried to talk to one of her former best friends that day.

"Leave, now! And never come back!"

The quote haunted her. It was her breaking point.

Now Aella would never come back.

Finally, Aella became aware of her surroundings. She was in a thick forest. Sounds of laughter surrounded her, and she tightly closed her eyes.

"Stop! Please!" Tears ran down her cheeks. Finally, she opened her eyes and looked ahead. A building rose high in front of her. It reminded her of a sanctuary; it called her, beckoned her forward. Trying to catch her breath, Aella walked towards the sanctuary.

A smile crossed her pale face. She felt like she belonged here. Wiping her tears, she came to a small door and knocked.

"Anyone home?"

The End

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