Chapter 8: 4?!? WOAH!

Erulastiel guided in Mirage and she stared around with a suspicious look that Eru totally approved of. Suspicion was vital for survival. She turned to look for Helena and Aliryia to introduce them when She found another girl staring at her.

She looked at Eru and she noticed some wings protruding from her back. Eru nearly gagged with surprise but was inturrepted by a very interesting question. "Are you the leader?" She asked it in both her native tongue, Elvish, and the common tongue, English. Eru smiled and said "Welcome." she guided her and Mirage upstairs and told them all about the room/roommate sirtuation.

Eru left to ponder on the thought of the girl's wings. How did she get them? Eru's were no mystery to her. But she refused to think back to that frightful time in her life.

The other two girls came out and Eru told them of the two new girls upstairs and told them to see if they had a new roommate. Marn came out behind them looking very upset at these new people interacting with Eru. Aliryia scooped him out of the air and deposited him in Eru's hands. He immediatly climbed up to her head.

Helena laughed and said "He's cute." "His name is Marn. He's cute until he breathes fire." Eru said half seriously. Helena nodded, eyes glued on the steaming red dragon. "Well, go meet them!" Eru encouraged. They scuttled away and Eru went out to the front to check for new arrivals.

Author's Notes: I didn't catch the the name for bookbanana's character so when I found out i'll put it in. I'm low on time and battery so I might revise it later.

The End

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