New Start

I trudged through the forest, glancing around to be sure I wasn't followed. I listened, my keen elf ears picking up any sounds, I heard none.

I tucked my thick brown hair behind one ear and broke into a run. I couldn't do this around others, they gawked, or reported me for misusing my gifts. But I was harming no one, and I needed it. 

I let my wings unfold into their full length, it felt good to strech them. THey were a pale, purplish blue an tiny green flecks in them. I had cut me dress so that I could pull them out, but the slts remained hidden in the folds.

I glanced down, and saw it up ahead. I quickly landed and walked up to the entrance.

After reading the sign and quickly walked in and was greeted an interesting character.

"Tru est Il gurlylk yoor?" I asked "are you the leader?" I aske din both languages, wondering how she would respond.

She smiled, that must be a could sign. I let my breathe out, having not realized that I was even holding it.

"Welcome," she said, gesturing inside.

The End

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