Chapter Six: A Long Journey 'Home'

Mirage slowly walked through the musky scent of the forest, toward the destination she was heading to. Maybe I should just leave? Then she shook her head the moment the thought struck her as even more tempting. No, there's a reason why I'm here. I left my world behind to be part of the Sistren. It's worth it.

Mirage unclenched and clenched her hands in fists as she approached the eerie looking house. Her journey to come here had been long yet quite comfortable. Having always been left behind by her family and friends, she was used to travelling to unknown places by herself. Mirage also loved the feel of the forest; spending her nights sleeping on a tree branch or curled up on the cool surface of the soil. She pinched the bridge of her nose, a habit she had whenever she was in deep thought.

'No girl is ever shunned out here' this really what I want? Will I be accepted here? Let's hope so..

She lifted her hand up to knock on the door just as it opened. Her black eyes swept over the girl in front of her. Her dark black hair was nearly as long as hers as Mirage looked down at her. She composed her face of a blank expression as the girl smiled at her.

"Welcome to the Sistren, I'm Eru."

The only thing that Mirage found intersting about this girl were her warm green eyes, reminding her of the cool forest.

"The name's Mirage."

Then, she took the first step into the haven. Shunned or not, let's see how it goes.

(A/N: I hope this is alright!!! I read over it and I think it's okay but please do tell me if there's something that I need to change. :-))

The End

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