Chapter Five: 2 More Than I Expected

When Erulastiel looked back up a strange girl was emerging from the forest.  She had golden curls tumbling softly round her pale face adorned with turquoise eyes.  Her dark pink dress swished quietly on the grass but Eru's sharp ears had learned to pick up every noise they could.

“Hello my dark sister, my name is Aliryia,” she said smiling. Eru put on her friendly face and said “I’m Erulastiel, but call me ‘Eru’,” Eru led her into the house. She looked amazed and happy with the beauty, space, and just plain perfectness of the house.

Eru could tell this was one of those girls with a darker history most ordinary people couldn't realize actually existed. Of course Eru understood perfectly. She herself had relived the darker chapters of her history often.

She led her up the grand staircase almost bumping into the other girl who was coming up. "Ah, perfect." Eru said breaking what could have turned into an akward silence. "Aliryia, this is...." She paused hoping she would introduce herself.

"Helena." she said, pushing back a lock of dark hair and tucking it behind her ear. "Nice to meet you." said Aliryia, flashing a dazzling smile and shaking her hand. "I put some pancakes on the table in the dining room for you." Eru told her and brought the new girl up to the hall.

Eru gave her the room/roommate explanation and left her to pick. She almost fell down the stairs when she realized that Helena's ear had been pointed. She touched her own ear and whispered into the near-silence of the house, "Elf."

She straitened a bit then headed downstairs and retrieved Marn who had been huffing impatiently at the bottom of the stairs waiting for her. "Oh hush up." Eru scolded him. "Can I be happy for once?"  He immediatly flew up and nuzzled her cheek with his small, warm muzzle in apology. She cupped him in her hands and whispered elven words to him which translated to "I'm sorry too. I realize after what we've been through you have a right to be protective even jealous." The words were obviously understood and he dragon-purred back.

She put him on the top of her head and climbed down the stairs. She glanced out the window to check for new arrivals and seeing none, sat down in the library at the back of the house. It was huge reaching up through the whole house with a skylight dominating the ceiling. The doors leading in from the other floors were clearly see by her. She let out a small song of darkness and woe, which echoed through the near empty house.

'But soon it will be bustiling with girls of all ages races and abilities.' she thought. 'I got two more girls here than even I hoped for.'


Author's Note: Invite friends! The Sistren is open to all!

The End

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