Chapter Four: The New One

A girl trod carefully as she neared the garden of the ‘safe haven’. The woods were known to be full of hazardous things, especially if you were barefoot. She spotted another girl near the building into which she was heading.

The Sistren: a safe-haven for girls of all ages, all races, and all sorts of randomness; no girl is ever shunned out here. Read a sign hanging above the porch and swinging in the light breeze.

The girl by the door had midnight black wings protruding from her back and appeared to have a little dragon clinging to her shoulder as a parrot would. She gave quite a menacing look, but was eating something like Manna Pancakes and appeared quite harmless in general. She certainly had a knack with controlling the little animal.

The new girl lifted a hand to her hair. It was a mess; she had better brush it before going into this new establishment. Unfortunately, that little action made the winged girl look up and frown in her direction. With a tiny gasp, the new girl ducked behind a tree and willed herself to become unnoticed. She watched as her hands, right in front of her eyes, turned so pale that they finally became translucent, sparkling slightly with  the touch of magic. This continued onwards, up past her softly-shaped mouth and nose, and beyond her turquoise eyes, reaching even to the pointed tips of her ears.

Sitting down onto the floor of the forest, the girl took out a small shell-mirror and a shell-comb, and started to brush through her golden curls. Walking from home had unraveled some of her tresses from their original position in her gentle hairdo and now she needed to put herself ‘back together’, as it was. As she was trying to finish the job off, she yanked the brush through the scruffy tops of her hair, but unfortunately, it caught on the rose pin that was holding the rest of her hair up and the locks tumbled about her shoulders bouncing and caressing the pale skin. It was clear that, today, her hair had chosen to become unmanageable.

Finally the girl decided that it wasn’t fair to conceal herself from this person who obviously meant her no harm. The winged girl had done nothing to approach what she though she had seen and therefore probably had nothing in her mind but kind intent. Making her body visible again, the new girl walked gracefully towards that person. The mysterious girl’s robes were dark pink and trailed down down down reaching to the grass that they softly swished over.

“Hello my dark sister, my name is Aliryia,” she smiled to the other girl, who had obviously been startled.

“I’m Erulastiel, but call me ‘Eru’,” smiled the other girl back, “Come this way, I’ll show you around.”

Aliryia followed Erulastiel into the house. It was large and widely-spaced with airy windows that let in a lot of light and gave a view to the magnificent gardens surrounding the house.

It was all that Aliryia had dreamed off. It was all that she could ever want.

The End

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