Chapter Three: Welcome

As the girl aproached Erulastiel realized she had been running. There were sweat lines running down her face and she was breathless. Erulastiel's face creased in a frown. Was she excited to be here or running from something. She simply shrugged the question off. It didn't matter right now. What mattered was that this girl was probably tired and hungry.

Marn snorted out sparks on her plate when he saw the stranger approaching. She picked him up and deposited him on her shoulder. He immediatly flew up to her head to better see the appraoching stranger who may be a danger to Eru. She rolled her eyes at him.

She stood up to welcome this stranger, remembering at the last second to pull her wings close. People were often disturbed by them and since they were black as a moon-less night she often looked like an avenging angel come to punish the sinners. Marn was about to singe the girl so Eru deposited him in her pocket again. She jumped down the stairs leading to the porch. She landed lightly. Since she was part elf she was virtually weightless.

The girl slowed upon entering the front yard. It had two large oak trees on either side and was relativley peaceful. She walked up to the girl and said "Welcome to the Sistren." Before she could even open her mouth Eru pushed her up into the house. This girl needed some nourishment. She showed her up the staircase into the long 2nd floor hall lined with bedrooms on either side. "Pick any room you want. Which ever you pick you'll have a roommate. Who I can't say since the room choosing is totally up to you guys and whichever you choose you get the other girl who chose that room too."

Eru left her to get unpacked and headed downstairs to whip up another batch of pancakes. Marn flew out of her pocket huffily as she jumped down half the stairs, using her wings as a parachute to get down the other half. Eru entered the large kitchen and started the pancake process. Marn watched with amusement as she stuggled. Cooking was not her strong point.

She thought about the new arrival. If she was special she was doing a good job of hiding it. Normally, Eru could spot it right off the bat. She entered the extensive dining room and placed the tray at a place. She walked back out to the porch and sat down to finish her own breakfast.

She almost smacked herself in the head as she realized she didn't even know her name! She had been to stupid to even remember to introduce herself to the girl! Marn gave a low dragon-purr of concern when she stopped eating. Eru looked down at him and smiled at his concerned little green eyes. She fed him a piece of pancake from her fork and his skeletal red dragon wings fluttered with delight.

 Eru looked off into the forest opposite the house. The house was nearly in the middle of the forest with only the lonley road in front of it showing any signs of other human life. Then she thought she saw movement. She squinted at the forest. Was it another member? Maybe a tree? Ah well, it didn't matter. She would find out soon enough.

The End

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