Chapter Two: The Second Member

Although she was young, Helena traveled on her own most of the time, looking for places to stay. She had been living with an empathetic, lonely old couple when she had heard of the Sistren, and had been quick to decide where she would stay. The couple understood when she said that she would be leaving, going to a place where girls could stay care-free. She left wordlessly the next morning, taking her possessions and leaving a friendly note.

It was a long and hard journey for this girl. Altogether, it was about four hours of walking. She was hungry and tired, but the hope of a permanent home kept her going, waiting for care and food. Many times she stopped in the forest to rest, but ended up frightened by noises and urged onwards. Eventually, she grew impatient of walking and ran, following the directions to the Sistren.

In a few hours' time, she reached the dark house, noticing a girl sitting on the steps. A smile took over her face as she started off running towards her, hoping for a new life.

The End

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