Chapter One: The Beginings Of An Order

A cloaked figure approached a huge threatining house. A wry smile appeared on her face and she entered the huge gardens surrounding the house. She walked in and hung the cloak on a hook in the entrance. She shook out her long black hair and surveyed what she could see of the house. It wasn't to bad. She rubbed her weary forest green eyes. It had been a long journey.

She walked up a winding staircase that creaked as she stepped up. She looked up at a dark green door with paint peeling off. She threw her suitcase on the floor and collapsed on one of the two beds. She pulled the curtains closed and fell asleep without undressing. But before she did she pulled a small dragon out of her pocket which curled up beside her, its warth doing the job of a blanket well. It was red with small spikes and green eyes that matched its owner's.

When the girl awoke in the morning she dressed in a green tunic, her black wings spreading out through the slits in the back. The dragon, Marn, landed on her shoulder as she carried it outside.

She entered the backyard gardens. She smiled, she could get lost in here. After a breif tour she went to the front to enjoy some breakfast with Marn. She sat on the porch eating pancakes when she saw a figure coming close. Erulastiel smiled again. Another member.

The End

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