The Simplicity of Life.

This work talks about a range of things.

The simplicity of Life can be that of insanity or that of simple intellectuallity. What is that moves us humans to do such things as to make fun of others? Why do we bully others? Everything gets paid eventually. "The Valiant shall be Valiant until the Coward lets him be." Yet, we do not learn from what has happened before us. We do not listen to our predecessors, and it's not  because we do not want to, it's because we don't care. We stopped caring once our innocence was either taken from us or it has left us. Even when we love someone, and they pretend the love us, they do not see what we try to do for them. All they want is to have pleasure and break someone's heart. And from this I speak truth. Even when we tell them we love them, they just see it as a joke and not as truth. But what can we do?  What can we learn from this, when our hearts are saying something else? We can only hope that someone else will catch us when we fall.

The End

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