I sighed and shook a lock of brown hair out of my eyes as my feet carried me on to the gargantuan ship. What I was doing so far from New Jersey I have no idea but all I know is I needed a break. From everything, everyone. From her. From them. I was fed up of it. The sympathetic looks, the whispers, the deafening silence whenever I entered a room. They were treating me like I was going to explode any minute.

I suppose I should explain things. My name is Ayumu. Just Ayumu. I never had a last name. Well, I suppose I might have when I was Asad; when I was human. See, I'm a vampire. Quite an old one at that but everyone treats me like a child. Because in their eyes, I am. Stuck forever in the body of a nineteen year old with the "I get what I want" attitude from when I was human. Can you blame me? I was the crown prince of Persia.

Anyway, just over six months ago I met a girl: Hallie. Fell in love with her pretty much the second I laid eyes on her. That just so happened to be the second I saved her ass from her best friend, Morrigan. But Hallie wasn’t meant for me. She was meant for my friend and leader, Fang. If it was as simple as that I’d be fine with it. Sure, I’d have moaned for a while but I would’ve gotten over it and maybe even tried to find someone else. Maybe someone like Morrigan. But Hallie… Just before she was turned she gave me a taste of what we could have had. That one night was enough to break me but when she went running back to Fang like nothing had happened…

Then she managed to get herself killed, didn’t she. Well, not killed as such. She would’ve been dead if I hadn’t turned up. So, while she lay in a coma trying to recover from everything I did something with more purpose. I set out to find a slayer named Evangeline with my fellow vampire Nate. This Evangeline was important but none of us knew why. Nate gave up eventually. He probably wanted to get back to his precious boyfriend. I found Evangeline about a week later but I wasn’t ready to confront her.

That’s how I ended up here; “The Ship to Nowhere”. I stepped on board and looked around. Why was I here? What did this possibly have to offer me? I had no possessions, not even a change of clothes but then again I was used to wearing the same thing for long periods of time. I had no need for a room, it’s not like I ever slept and if I wanted time to myself then people would definitely know about it. But the ship seemed empty. At least, the deck did. I took a deep breath and smelt at least three mortals. Well, at least I’d have something to eat…

The End

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