There's no place for me... anywhere. Thats why i'm here. On this ship.

I was 16 when i first left, i was going to go back to my home lands. The moon has to be in an exact place to cross over to Rybble. That was 2 years ago, the moon isnt due for another few months yet, but i couldnt stay there any longer. Some humans i went to school with were very nasty, but i suppose its what you get everywhere.

oohh i forgot to explain who i am, right'o

My names Theodore and im 18. Messy blonde hair, bright green eyes, tall, muscly, oh and an Animagus.

An Animagus, i here you ask. Yes, basically i can shift my form into any animal. And travelling on this boat, you see amazing animals that i didnt think even existed.

So yeah backstory. I got sent to England when i was younger because of the war in Rybble. Stayed with some distant cousins and went to school. 16 i knew i didnt fit in. People always bugged me about how i got my tattoos. i told them they were birthmarks - well some of them are - but then i started changing and people got freaked out. i got kicked out for some unknown reason and thats how i ended up on 'The Ship To Knowhere' as i have heard it being called.

My cabin has an amazing view out of the porthole. you can literally see the bottom of the ocean.

You get to know some people on the boat, but they always tend to leave. People coming and going at anytime. But when im not trying to make friends, im learning about the new world outside, changing into new exotic creatures, reading, writing, drawing... whatever takes my fancy really.

yupp this ship isnt a bad ole' ship.

The End

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